Bronze Tee Handicaps

Hi Ladies!

This is an informational post regarding handicaps for Tuesdays.

Please note that the current kiosk default TEE COLOUR for ladies is ‘SILVER’ instead of ‘BRONZE’.  On ladies day we use the bronze tees and therefore your factor is converted to the handicap for the bronze tees.  If you simply look at your handicap on the top right-hand corner of the page, you will see your handicap for the silver tees.  As you will see from this screen shot, my handicap is different for the 2 tees.


Also, when entering your scores, you will need to click the ‘Select Tee’ button & select ‘Bronze’ tee to enter your scores (assuming you played from the Bronze tees).


The ProShop has been made aware of the situation.  Changing the ladies default tee to the Bronze tees needs to be made by BCGA staff, and we are currently waiting for them to complete our request.