Spirit Teams

We are having wine teams again this year.  We are calling them the spirit teams this year as we either get a $20.00 GC from the liquor store or give your captains $20.00.

We are having the usual Achievement rewards- KP-birdies- chip ins as well as attending tournaments. This year we have added some fun achievements weekly so everyone will be able to score for their team. Ie: hitting a tree, 4 putts on the same green, 3 shots in one bunker. There are 3 dress up nights this year as well.  May 1st is a social night Cinco De Mayo, come dressed in many colours to celebrate. June 26th is to celebrate Canada Day so wear red and white. August 21st is Vintage Night and vintage clothes are to be worn.

 There will be a sign- up sheet at the banquet. If you wish to sign up before please send your name, your handicap as of last year and your email address to: Willene willenemcd@shaw.ca



We are the host for this year for Interclub. Linda Aviss is our sponsor. The games are scheduled Friday afternoon  June 1st Aspen, Friday afternoon  June 8th Aberdeen and Saturday June 9th at 11:30am. This might be the last year our club will participate as it has been very difficult getting the 12 players we need to compete.

 Please email Willene willenemcd@shaw.ca if you would like to play. Please include your name, handicap from last year and your email address.



How often should I play to, or beat, my handicap?

If it’s accurate, you should average about three shots above your handicap. For example, a player with a course handicap of 16 on a course with a rating of 71.1 should score on average about 90. The handicap system is based on 96 percent of the best 10 of a golfer’s last 20 rounds, not simply average score.

Scores normally fit into the classic bell-shaped curve. More than half of your scores should be within three strokes of three over your handicap. In other words, taking our 16-handicapper, more than half of the rounds should be between 87 and 93. The player will better the handicap — shooting 87 or lower — only about 20 percent of the time, or once every five rounds. Golfers should only beat their handicap by three strokes one out of every 20 rounds.