What is Interclub?

Interclub is a friendly competition among the ladies of PGGCC, Aberdeen Glen and Aspen Grove golf courses.  One round of golf is played at each of the courses.  Ladies are paired up into teams and compete against the other teams.  Each round of golf uses a different format (ex./ alternate shot, scramble, best ball).  The winning teams are awarded points.  the course with the most points after 3 rounds is declared the winner & receives a trophy and bragging rights.  There is a wrap-up dinner to announce the winning course.

Interested ladies sign-up at the beginning of the season.  The teams will determined & balanced by handicap and announced by the Interclub committee for PGGCC.

Date & Course

ASPEN – Friday May 31 @ ?

ABERDEEN – Friday June 7 @ ?

PGGCC – Sunday June 9 @ 2:30pm

DINNER is at Grand Trunk on final day (June 9).  Select & purchase your desired meal!